Ryan Grier

Not an ideal start. I was hoping Argentina would have a good showing this World Cup. ⚽️theathletic.com/3922189/2…

Probably for the best. I wasn’t a fan of Bob Chapek. I do like Bob Iger. www.theverge.com/2022/11/2…

The Verge’s Guide to World Cup 2022: www.theverge.com/2022/11/1… ⚽️

A new Splinter Cell game? Yes, please. 🎮 www.polygon.com/23449080/…

Today has been incredibly frustrating.

Ticketmaster continues to fail at running a website during heavy loads.

This Vikings v Bills game has been crazy. 🏈

Club soccer games have started. We had about a week off between high school and club. That break was great.

We’ve started watching Breaking Bad. Last night we finished Season 1, episode 3. It gets better right?

Only had one meeting today on “No Meetings Wednesday”.

I am really salty and impatient today. I’m certain it’s from a lack of sleep last night.

I was going to clean the gutters today. It was really windy. I decided not to. The consensus is that I made a wise decision.

Westworld was canceled? I loved season 1 & hated season 2 (I was so confused). I haven’t watched seasons 3 or 4 yet. I’m bummed it was canceled before the final season. www.polygon.com/23441132/…

One insight I’ve gained over having tons of meetings is that my attention span lasts only so long. Usually about 45 minutes in a single meeting.

I raked leaves for hours yesterday. I thought I would be sore today. I’m not. It’s like I didn’t even do anything yesterday. Daily exercise FTW.

Election Day is on Tuesday, but these terrible ads will echo in my mind for weeks to come.

Ugh. ⚾️

Let’s go Phillies! ⚾️

Bummer. Philadelphia Union lost in PKs. Congrats LAFC. gg ⚽️

This MLS cup final has been crazy. Finish strong Philadelphia Union. ⚽️

I wish I was exempt from raking leaves. But I’m not. 🍂

Finished reading: Confess, Fletch by Gregory Mcdonald. Not bad. I liked the first book in the series better. But not bad at all. 📚

I really admire my wife and her work. She started her current business in 2015. She’s been crushing it every day for the past few years, including over COVID. She’s also an awesome mom and wife.

These late-night Phillies games are starting to take their toll. At least the next game(s) happen over the weekend. I had a lot of trouble getting up this morning. ⚾️

I think the Astros pitchers figured out how to deal with the Phillies. 😔 ⚾️